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Welcome to the fast-paced world of modern workplace management, where coworking spaces make it easy for people to work together and come up with new ideas. As more and more people around the world work from home or in flexible ways, the demand for coworking spaces has risen, making way for a booming industry. 

Coworking software is one of the most important parts of these busy hubs. With these digital solutions, coworking space operators can create a symphony of amenities, resources, and experiences that appeal to a wide range of professionals, startups, and remote teams.

Using our expertise in flex space management, in this blog we will talk about some of the most popular coworking software platforms, which have changed the way operators run, improve, and streamline their spaces. This is your backstage pass to some of the best coworking software solutions, whether you want to be an operator, are interested in the industry, or are just curious about how collaborative workspaces work.



With Proximity, workspace operators can easily manage their members, including adding new members, tracking member usage, and creating custom membership plans. The booking management feature allows members to book workspaces and meeting rooms directly from their account, while the workspace operator can manage and approve those bookings as well as see reporting around usage to help understand how much is ad hoc, recurring, non members, etc. 

Our favorite Proximity feature is their interactive, real time floor plan, which gives you views of office, desk, and conference room real time availability. It has the ability to connect to Google and Microsoft Calendar and is also a great visual to add to proposals. 

Coworking Space Software

Price Range: $139-$529/mo


  • Membership Management 
  • Digital Door Access
  • Wi-Fi Access Control
  • Greeting Management 
  • Reservation Managment
  • Billing & Payments

Workplace Management Software

Price Range: Starting at $249/mo


  • Desk Reservations
  • Meeting Room Management 
  • On-Site Check-Ins
  • Building Access and Wi-Fi Management

Learn more about Proximity’s features



Looking for software with a great member portal? Look at OfficeRND! Their member portal allows members to book meeting rooms, manage their membership plans, and communicate easily with other members. The software also provides a community directory where members can connect and network with each other. This feature is especially helpful for freelancers and remote workers who are looking to collaborate and connect with others in their industry.

Our favorite OfficeRND feature is their dashboard feature! Login and see all the insights you need to run your space. Ranging from occupied offices, monthly recurring revenue, meeting room revenue, office price vs. list price, and more! 

Coworking Management Software

Price Range: Starting at $185/mo


  • Coworking Apps
  • Coworking Booking Platform 
  • Automate Billing and Payments 
  • Customer Lifecycle Management 
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Flex Space Management 
  • Hybrid Work Scheduling 
  • Integrations

Learn more about OfficeRND’s features



Looking for software with a lot of automation capabilities? Look into Essensys. Essensys can automate emails and internal operations processes, save time, and improve efficiency, allowing coworking spaces to focus on providing a better experience for their members.

Our favorite Essensys feature? It’s impressively customizable, letting you add custom fields to any module. Want to have different account types with different custom fields? Essensys offers easy customization features without having to speak to a developer. All this is easily done by your on site team. 

Essensys also offers a range of integrations with other software and services, such as accounting software and access control systems. This can help streamline operations and improve the overall experience for both members and staff.

Price Range: Contact Customer Service for pricing


  • Occupier Onboarding 
  • WiFi & Wired Networks
  • Instrastructure Management 
  • Monitoring & Insights 
  • Manage Bookable Resources
  • Seamless Access Control 
  • White-label Mobile App 
  • Integrate with Our Mobile API 

Learn More

Yardi Kube

Looking for software that could work for managing a whole building and a coworking space? Yardi Kube is a property management software company that has expanded into coworking/flex space. 

Yardi Kube’s impressive and comprehensive reporting and analytics tools can run from small spaces to large buildings. The software provides detailed reports on everything from occupancy rates to revenue streams, allowing workspace managers to gain valuable insights into their business operations and make data-driven decisions.

The software provides solutions for boutique and enterprise coworking operators, landlords, and building owners.

Our favorite Yardi Kube feature? Their technology solution is hard to beat. From integration to support – get ready to feel like you never have to deal with IT again.

Price Range: Contact Customer Service for pricing


  • Prospect Portal
  • Member Portal 
  • Operator Portal
  • Built-In Accounting 
  • Automated Billing & Reporting
  • Visualization & Optimization
  • Visitor & Access Management 
  • Tailored Data Packages 
  • Enterprise-level Connectivity 
  • Technical Support
  • Analytics & Insights

Meet Yardi Kube


Satellite Deskworks

Looking for software that’s easy to teach to your employees and easy to communicate with clients? Look into Satellite Deskworks! Our favorite feature of satellite deskworks is it’s ease of use, especially in terms of how to communicate with clients. From center emails to billing, your just one click away from sending a message. 

Coworking Space Software

Price Range: Starting at $95/mo


  • Easily make and update reservations.
  • View reservations by members, non-members and staff with just a few clicks
  • Select dates and time slots in real-time on our interactive calendar.
  • Book repeating reservations by day, week or month
  • Reservation notifications are pushed to both the user and space operator.
  • Reservable inventory can be added and removed with one click.
  • Real-time view on aggregator sites (Liquidspace, CloudVO, Peerspace, etc.) through automatic integration with Google Calendar.

Learn More

In conclusion, it’s important to take your time while selecting a coworking platform for your space. All software has different strengths for different operators. However, with careful consideration of the features, pricing, and user experience, you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you’re a small operator looking for a simple, easy-to-use platform or a larger operator in need of a more sophisticated system with robust features, there is coworking software out there for you.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss what we recommend based on your type of space and community – feel free to reach out! We are here to help.