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Welcome to our guest blog! We are excited to introduce one of our partner locations, CityCentral, whose team has put together expert knowledge on how to find the best office space in Frisco, TX.

CityCentral is a collaborative workspace that offers entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners a flexible and modern working environment. As a partner location of Flex Workspace Solutions, CityCentral provides a variety of office solutions with the convenience of multiple locations throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Frisco, TX is a rising city with a thriving corporate community. As more businesses move in, finding the right office space might be difficult. In comes CityCentral. Their industry-experienced team can help you select the perfect workplace for your requirements. They help startups find a pleasant coworking space or bigger companies find a private office. Get the appropriate Frisco, TX office space with CityCentral’s top advice in this guest article. Relax and take notes while they make your office space hunt simpler.

Find the Right Office Space in Frisco

Finding the perfect office space for your company in Frisco, TX is essential. The office location you pick will have a direct impact on how productive you are, how your clients perceive your firm, and how smoothly your organization operates as a whole.

In the past few years, Frisco, Texas, has grown into a thriving business center and commercial hub.

Because of Frisco’s robust economy and rapidly expanding population, investors and entrepreneurs of all stripes should seriously consider setting up shop there.

In May 2022, the U.S. Census Bureau said that Frisco was one of the fastest-growing big cities in the U.S.

In this article, we’ll use what we’ve learned as a coworking space to help you find the right office space in Frisco, TX.

Why Frisco, Texas?

Frisco’s success as a business center is due in large part to the fact that it is in a good place and has good transportation.

Frisco is about 25 miles north of downtown Dallas and in the middle of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It’s easy for businesses and travelers to get there because it has two major highways, several major roads, and more than one airport.

Frisco has a lot of programs and projects that show how much it cares about business growth and economic growth.

The Frisco Economic Development Corporation helps businesses start up and stay in the area by giving them incentives and other tools. The Frisco Chamber of Commerce helps local businesses by putting them in touch with each other, giving them resources, and standing up for them.

The headquarters of many major corporations, including Toyota North America, Jamba Juice, and Keurig Dr Pepper, are located in Frisco. There are also many coworking spaces and corporate business centers established in Frisco.

Overall, Frisco’s reputation as a business hub is well-deserved, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon. Frisco is a great place for businesses because it has a strong economy, is in a good location, and wants to help businesses grow.

Frisco Coworking Space

Office Space in Frisco: 6 Things to Consider

Let’s look at six important things you should think about when looking for an office space:

1) Determine Size

Finding the perfect office space requires determining how many people will work there and how much space they will need.

Each worker should have 80–150 square feet to work in. Yet this might vary based on your business, personnel, and office setup.

Look at your current staff and projected growth to determine how big your team should or will be in the future.

Consider each employee’s work needs and how many desks, conference rooms, and other amenities you need.

2) Assess the Perks

When choosing an office space, consider what will make you and your staff productive and comfortable. The following are essential office items:

  • High-speed internet: Every business requires dependable internet in the digital era. Provide speedy internet in your office so you and your team can operate efficiently.
  • Comfortable workplaces: Office chairs, tables, and workstations should encourage excellent posture and reduce damage and strain.
  • Well-stocked kitchen: You and your colleagues won’t have to leave the workplace to create meals or snacks. This saves time and money. Seek for a workplace with a sink, coffee machine, and fridge.
  • Conference Space: Whether you need to meet with clients, have team meetings, or train individuals, you need a conference space. Find an office with a projector, screen, and whiteboard in at least one conference room.

Make sure your office has ample parking for you and your staff if you drive. This will save time and help your team arrive on time. Consider these factors while choosing an office location to ensure your team’s comfort and productivity.

3) Budget

Renting an office space is exciting and crucial for any business. But planning ahead and making a budget can ensure everything goes well and the office space matches your demands.

In addition to rent, consider utilities, repairs, and maintenance. Depending on your contract, these charges may be included in your rent or paid directly. Including these fees in your budget to avoid unexpected expenses.

Finally, while budgeting for office space, balance your budget, features, and goals. Choosing an office with all the bells and whistles may be enticing, but be sure it matches your budget.

4) Lease Terms

When you rent an office, it’s important to have a contract and know the terms and conditions of the lease before you sign it.

  • Lease Length

The length of a lease is crucial and is important to consider.

Lease lenghts might be months or years. A business owner should consider their long-term goals before negotiating a lease, as early lease termination can be costly.

  • Rent Cost

Know the rent cost, another vital lease term. This price depends on workplace size and location. Know how much rent will rise and whether there are late fees or penalties for late payments.

  • Additional Costs

Furthermore consider security deposits and set up fees, who handles repairs and upkeep, and how the office space can be utilized.

Make sure you read and understand these conditions before signing a lease.

5) Tour the Space

See potential office spaces in person to make an educated selection.

Although the Internet may provide a lot of information on a place, certain aspects can only be judged in person.

  • Natural Light

Depending on your preference, natural light is an important factor to consider when choosing an office space.

Natural light improves worker comfort and reduces energy costs by lowering artificial lighting.

  • Noise Levels

Volume level is also significant. It can be irritating and make working in a noisy environment difficult.

Visit the property and listen for construction, noisy HVAC systems, or loud neighbors.

  • Ambiance

Finally, consider how a place makes you feel. Does the environment feel open and professional? Is there enough room for everyone to work without feeling cramped? Answering these questions requires seeing things for yourself.

6) Connect with a Broker

A commercial real estate professional can help you understand the Frisco office space market. Their expert advice can help you discover the right office space for your business.

They can help you identify the best properties, negotiate lease terms, schedule viewings, and secure the best deal. This can free up time and effort for other important business tasks.

Need a place to work in Frisco?

Finding the right Frisco office space is crucial for your company.

With the right space, happy employees, more productivity, and better hiring and retention is achievable. It’s crucial to be proactive and knowledgeable while choosing an office location.

Before deciding, investigate, compare, and tour the space. Taking the effort to choose the proper office space may help your business succeed and provide your workers a comfortable and productive workspace.

Visit today to book a tour!